About Nine Ways out

We were born at the convergence point of our previous decisions, our current paths, and life long dreams of the future. Therefore it is essential to understand that all things are born out of the culmination of multiple dimensions of living.

Nine Ways Out, is inherently Multi-Dimensional.

This ideal is carried within us, we come from many places, we do many things, and we exists across multiple platforms of expression. However, for many of us, the skateboard has been a guide unlike any other. It has shown us a power that enables us to move through the world in such a way that we rarely come across the impossible, and if we did, we would try within all of our power to prove the situation otherwise.

The skateboard is a way out, and we all have our ways out…

To have Nine Ways Out is to always be on the verge of infinity and nothing. Being in a state of infinite potential, but at the same time filled with the knowledge of experience as a creator whose limit is no less than Multi-Dimensional.

Nine Ways Out became an official body in 2016.

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